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February 8, 2016
by Douglas Austin

Guide on Finding Appropriate Lanyards to Wear

Lanyards are among the supplies that the companies always have. Even probationary or permanent employees are entitled to have one. Maintenance and security personnel also have these straps for identification purposes. Stocks of these straps are being purchased to be given away for corporate branding and brand recognition in various events. But when it comes to purchasing supplies, knowing what type of lanyards to buy are essential because they come in different styles and types.

Consider the tips below to get an ideal lanyard :

Know the desired type and length

lanyardsIn choosing these straps, an individual should deal with the different styles available in the market today. The most common types are the round braided and the flat braided ones. These are usually simple in design. For those seeking environment friendly supplies, there are eco-friendly types of straps that are usually made from bamboo or recycled plastics.

Are you looking for detachable ID badges? Then consider buying OptiBraid and OptiWeave type of straps. These straps enable any item to become detachable from the straps while still wearing them. Do you need to express support for a variety of causes such as cancer prevention and animal rights? There are awareness straps for purchase. For those who want to promote safety, the reflective straps available. For fashionably trendy individuals, there are creative beaded types as well as the imitation leather types.

The ideal length of straps is usually 36 inches, while the standard width’s around 3/8” to 5/8”.

Know the difference between breakaway and non-breakaway styles

Lanyards usually come in either one of these styles. It is typically safer to wear breakaways because if the strap is caught on something or pulled by someone, the clasp opens automatically so that the person wearing it won’t get hurt. With that in mind, it should be clear why it’s often recommended to buy the breakaway type if safety is a big workplace issue. These breakaway clasps are ideal for use in secured facilities such as prisons and court houses. They can be also used in schools and hospitals where there are higher chances of grabbing (done by students and patients).

Consider how the lanyard’s end was made

Finishing touches on strap’s end are typically done through beading, crimping or sewing. If a lanyard’s end is crimped, choose what’s best between a black oxide and a nickel-plated one.

Picture how badges and IDs can be attached. The two simplest types of attachments in straps are the hook and the split key ring. Other available attachment types include mobile phone hooks, swivel hooks, and bulldog clips. OptiBraid and OptiWeave types, as mentioned above, typically have their own cool options for attachment types.

There are other considerations to keep in mind when making lanyard purchases, especially when going for those customized variants. Apart from color, the graphics and texts are also of importance. One can also choose to print designs through silkscreen or dye sub imprinting. When opting to go with OptiBraid type of lanyards, one must choose between diamond and round sliders. Definitely last but not the least, the cost should always matter. Go for both quality and quantity. Getting best quality (yet affordable) straps would mean they would be less likely to be replaced soon.

By keeping all these things in mind, shopping for a more appropriate strap to suit one’s company or personal lifestyle will be less difficult. Remember that this fancy item will introduce and represent the company’s name, so choosing wisely is important. Well, even if you’re aiming to use such laces for security purposes, you’ll still have to think thoroughly in every step of the way.

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January 21, 2016
by Dale Ferguson

The Best Head Design for Your Golf Putters

Selecting the best golf putters is something that involves various considerations. You need to combine reading about club head designs and trying these designs. Trying the club does not mean you have to buy the club immediately. In each golf store, you have opportunities to try a swing with an actual ball. If you are buying the putter in an online store, reading about putters and evaluating your golf style help.


Golf stores and manufacturers classify putters based on the weightings in the head. There are two general classifications of weightings. One is the toe-weighted and the other is face-balanced. The focus of the weight in toe weighted putters is in the toe while the weight of face-balanced golf putters is distributed in the heel and the toe.

Blade and mallet putters are the common choices in head designs. Blade putters are toe-weighted while mallet putters are face-balanced.

Head Designs

Head designs vary, from the traditional blade to a more futuristic design. Designs are identified according to their shaft location or inserts and pattern head.

Head designs according to head types are as follows:

Golf Putters•Blade golf putters are the least forgiving among the putters due to its weighting. Blade putters are recommended to more skilled professional golfers.

•Another design that you may consider is the face-balanced Anser style putter. This putter is the first putter with a hollow in the back of the head. The effect is the distribution of the weight to the toe and heel making a larger sweet spot.

•If you want a more modern design, some golf stores offer putters with futuristic designs. These are large putters with the shaft attached behind the face of the putter. They are the most forgiving among the putter types and have fewer tendencies to twist when striking a ball.

•Mallets are always face-balanced putters. They are called as such because they look like a croquet mallet. These putters have hollow heads when you open the putter head, which lends them a bigger sweet spot.

Head designs according to shaft inserts are the following:

•Offset putters have putter face that is set farther from the hole at address. The shaft is slightly bent forward.

•Onset putters are the opposite of offset putters. The face of the putter is closer to where the shaft is inserted to the hosel.

•Shaft inserts for center shafted putters are centered into the head, as the name implies. These are usually face-balanced.

Head Materials

Manufacturers create golf putters in three ways: the insert, milled, and cast. Among the three procedures, milling is the most expensive due to factors such as labor intensive.

•Insert putters are the types of which a different material is used in the inlay of the face. The insert material is either hard or soft. When striking the ball, you use the inlay and not the material for manufacturing the putter head.

•Milled putters, on the other hand, are created from a single block of metal. The process does not include heating, cooling or casting. A machine cuts and shaves the block of metal into the desired shape.

•Cast putters are manufactured using the casting procedures. These putters are more durable and are cheap. You can find one on the second-hand market.

Golf putters are used in the green and are meant to recreate a pendulum swing. Thus, you have to be very careful in your selection. In selecting your putter, consider weighting, alignment features and the type of stroke you are using. Other factors to consider are lie angle and shaft length. You should have the perfect fit so you could putt properly.

December 22, 2015
by Jason Walker

Lanyards – On Purpose and Customization

Lanyards are very popular nowadays. Many people have developed various designs and functions that make lanyards more fashionable and useful. Without a doubt, those cords have become must-haves, especially for students and employees.

Here is one scenario where the importance of lanyards is shown:

Before, employees wear their ID card by clipping it on their clothes. It can be irritating because it usually leaves some marks on the clothes. Sometimes, it also pinches the skin whenever it is attached. The management requires every employee to wear it most of the time, so there is really no choice.

When lanyards became available and began to be used in offices worldwide, clip-related concerns ceased to exist. By using such sturdy laces, employees no longer had to worry about ruining their clothes. They didn’t even have to fear getting pinched by a metal clip by accident. Wearing IDs finally became something associated with convenience.

Lanyards are almost everywhere because of their advantages, functions, and styles.

Here are some reasons why most institutions today use lanyards:

1. Promotion and Publicity

Most companies use lanyards for marketing. They encourage their employees to wear them in and out of the company premises for the promotion and introduction of new products. It creates a big impact in boosting brand awareness. Sometimes, they also put tag lines on the cords to convey company goals and priorities.

LanyardsStudents, employees, and members lanyard-requiring institutions will also spread information when they go to meetings, seminars, and trips. A beautifully designed cord can even serve as a conversation starter during those gatherings.

2. Identification

Lanyards are also used to hold identification cards. Of course, these cards are important as they contain vital information about members, students, or employees.

3. Safety

Some institutions put telephone numbers on the lace or string of their lanyards. Since identification cards have the basic information about the members, it can serve as reference when an emergency situation arises. For example, when a student is involved in a car accident, the rescuers can easily look for emergency contact information from his lanyard.

4. Securing Items

Lanyards have different types of hooks. Aside from holding an ID, a basic hook can also carry other things. Students usually hook their USB drives onto the lanyard, making such devices easier to use during computer-related classes. Remember, flash drives are so small that stashing them in a bag will make them harder to find.

LanyardAs you’d expect, students aren’t the only ones who need to keep certain things within reach. Coaches and police officers always carry whistles with them, so they just hook them on their lanyards. These are just some examples, but you can always choose what type of items you are going to attach to your very own cord.

5. Self-expression

It’s safe to say that more and more lanyard styles, colors, and designs are getting developed each day. That’s why you can now put round badges and logos on those laces. There are also added printing techniques that will help you make the best representation of your company’s brand. Jewelry lanyards have also become popular because of their colorful beads and strings. These are just a few of the customization options that you can choose from when you are creating your own design.

With these in mind, it should become clear that lanyards are all about customization. You can express yourself with something you’ve created on your own. Organizations use customized cords to make their products and services known to the public. Wearing custom lanyards is also another way of expressing purposes and intents. Simply put, designs are what make lanyards distinct from one another. offers quality solution for your custom lanyard needs.We create some truly unique and great looking lanyards for our clients.

December 14, 2015
by Justin Turner
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Challenge Coins throughout the Years

The origins of challenge coins can be traced back to the military. Its history appears to have begun in Ancient Rome where a Roman legionnaire who fought well in battle would receive a special coin on top of his daily wage. That coin bears the symbols of his particular legion and signifies his excellence in fighting. So, soldiers would keep them as tokens to remind them of their achievements and of their comrades instead of using them to buy luxuries as was expected.

Challenge CoinsIn the early 20th century, many wars were fought with mercenary soldiers. Unfortunately, these unofficial soldiers were not awarded medals for their bravery because of their status. The superior officers would instead have special coins struck and given to these soldiers as tokens of appreciation. Though not a true medallion, they still showed to others a proof of that soldier’s valor.

World War I also produced many legends surrounding challenge coins. A popular story is that of a young French pilot whose plane was gunned down and he was subsequently captured by the Germans behind enemy lines. They seized all his possessions except for a small sack that happened to contain a medallion given to him by his superior. He evaded imprisonment in the German camp and was able to return to France. However, the French believed him to be a spy and ordered to have him executed. Before he was to die, another soldier noticed the medallion he possessed that confirmed his true identity. From then on, soldiers brought with them coins that signified their membership in a particular military unit.

Throughout succeeding wars, it has been tradition for fellow soldiers to greet one another by producing their challenge coins. The one who fails to do that has to buy the other a round of drinks. On a related note, the name “challenge coin” refers to the challenge one can offer to men in a bar. The challenger would dare everyone to show their coins and the one who forgot to bring his coin would have to buy drinks for all. If all men could produce their challenge coin, then the challenger loses and has to buy everybody drinks instead.

By World War II, the Army practiced similar challenges in bars. Although, the challenge was done with a single live bullet that every soldier carried as a last resort to be used on oneself in the event of capture or impending defeat. But, carrying unused ammunition is dangerous and could result in accidents. Challenge coins, then, replaced bullets in the practice as a safer alternative.

In recent years, the challenge coin is often used as a secret handshake by members of the government, military or law enforcement. Officers could secretly receive one in gratitude to the service they have rendered. To onlookers, this exchange would appear as a simple, unremarkable handshake between two people.

The President of the United States is known to give out special challenge coin to people. These are usually intended to be received by other government officials and military personnel who have earned his respect or favor.

Today, a challenge coin is used by many organizations that are not necessarily government or military in function. Some prestigious institutions and social civic groups also have challenge coins of their own. Even private groups and fandoms have their versions of the coin that signifies membership or commemorates important events. As such, they serve as collectibles and rare pieces have become quite valuable.

Anyone can have their own challenge coin due to the many coin manufacturers that can be found online like These companies provide a variety of options that will allow you to create a unique coin that will last you throughout the years.

December 8, 2015
by Margaret Martin
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Things you Need to Know about an Article Writer

Today whenever we talk of article writers we always associate it with content writers or web content writers. The reason for this is because many article writers are now writing for the web. In fact, every time you go online, there are companies or websites in need or writers or rewriters, whether it is freelancers or for full time basis. For those who are considering being an article writer, there are some things you need to know. First, there will be times that you won’t be getting any writing jobs. This is the reason why many writers do not rely on one website alone.

What are the benefits of being an article writer? In the first place, freelance writers have a huge community. This means they are not bound in a particular place. Not like those who work in the office, they need to get up at a particular time and travel in order to arrive at their place of work. An article writer has no limitations. Who could have imagined that they can work and do the things they love even if they are stuck in the four corners of their homes?

Second, article writers are exposed to a wide variety of knowledge. They are beginning to learn more each day as they continue their research on a particular topic. In this case, they will not only give information to their readers but at the same time they will also learn themselves. Third, an article writer can have the freedom of choosing his own assignments. Not like in an office scenario or in a publication, it is the editors who will give you the assignments to write about. In this case, you have the freedom to choose which topic or assignment you want to write about.

Article writerIn a recent study, aside from the above mentioned benefits of writing, there are also some psychological benefits one can get from writing. Here are some of them: First, writing makes you happy. There are people who cannot express what they feel in words. The only way they can express it is by writing what they feel. Second, writing leads to better thinking and understanding. Have you ever experienced talking to someone and then suddenly forgot what you about to say?

Many people do experience this most of the time. In fact, some people say that what they are about to say is almost on the tip of their tongue. When writing your ideas people do not have to deal with these dilemmas that face their everyday life. Third, writing helps you exercise your thinking and memory. As people age, they often experienced what others term as memory gap. This is true especially for old people. However, those who are in the  article writing industry do not have any problem dealing with it. In fact, as they age their memory are becoming sharper because they are learning new things everyday. They are able to exercise their thinking prowess and develop it more and more.

What does the future hold for article writers? There’s an article that says since there are new technologies being discovered every day, they would not be surprised if one day robots will be writing articles. If this is meant to be a joke this can be also a wake up call for everyone. There are many sites looking for writers and there will not come a time that there will be a deficiency of writers. If we continue to improve ourselves and do the things we like, there is a very bright future for article writers here and all around the world.

October 16, 2015
by Sylvia Hester
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An Overview about Research Chemicals

Science has gone a long way since the establishment of modern society and technology has helped and eased countless of lives, but no matter how advanced people think today’s science is, there is still much to be discovered. Science and technology are an infinite journey. People today are fortunate to witness the progress of science. In order for science to advance more, research must be done. This is where research chemicals come to the picture. There are thousands of scientists and students all over the globe who conduct researches and experiments. For that, they will need various chemicals to make their research or dissertation possible.

What are Research Chemicals?

Research ChemicalsResearch chemicals are substances that are ideally meant for research purposes only. Some of these chemicals were actually used on humans but none of them are explicitly intended to be used on animals and humans. No results are guaranteed because variables always vary in experiments. Moreover, the full effects of these chemicals are not fully documented and established therefore scientists take a great risk when administering them for human and animal use. Most of these chemicals have completed phase I, II and III trials. However, they failed to gain the safety data approval of the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) because one of those trials didn’t satisfy the set standards. This does not automatically mean that the chemical poses health hazards. Enobosarm or Ostarine, for example, failed to meet the standards on their phase III trials but they are still safer than anabolic steroids.

All kinds of research chemicals are subject to law. In the United States, the Code of Federal Regulations covers all drugs and foods available in the country. Title 21 governs them for the FDA. The Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations are divided into 3 chapters that discusses food and drug administration, drug enforcement administration and national drug control policies. Chapter 1 pertains to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act. It encompasses all the regulations for clinical trials, human subjects, vitamin and mineral values, nutrition fact values, food sanitation, drug marketing and even biological substances.

foodsNot all research chemicals are safe for human consumption but they can be legally distributed. This is because the companies selling research chemicals are only required to list all the informational chemical values and distinctions on the bottle or box. They are completely legal; however, if the person was proven to be consuming them for personal uses, charges can be pressed depending on the country or state. Possessing these chemicals must be done carefully and discreetly. Any abuse and misuse of these chemicals can cause serious troubles. The companies selling them are not liable for any kind of usage possible with these chemicals. All the distributor does is to legally sell and market them as research chemicals even though some of them might both be useful and harmful to human health.

Research chemicals are important for developing new drugs that can treat various diseases. They are helpful and in demand in the pharmaceutical industry. However, most of the time, these chemicals are used for anything but research purposes. Any research chemical is easy to acquire but before buying, it is important to read the terms and conditions of the company or distributor. Make sure that any private information will never be shared or sold. The companies and distributors selling them will only require a buyer’s credit card number and a due agreement to all their terms and conditions. When it comes to customs, the severity or leniency depends on the country. Canadian customs generally allow any kind of research chemicals entering their territory.